Why NCERT Books are important in IAS Exam Preparation?

There is always a lot of discussions about list of important books for IAS preparation.

Multiple websites recommend their own set of important books for IAS Exam Preparation.

However, each one of them repeatedly emphasizes on NCERT textbooks.

Why so………?

Why NCERT is so important for IAS before anything else?

Consider these points before you as an IAS aspirant, proceed any further.

3Cs – Crisp, Clear and Concise…

NCERT Books cover a major portion of IAS Exam Syllabus but they still are very concise.

Most of the aspirants, as a beginner, are usually alien to a lot of concepts being asked in Civil Services Exam.

NCERT offers a clear and crisp description of every concept which acts as a perfect kick start for a beginner.

Concepts Well Explained…

It may seem that NCERT Books are cut down heavily in order to keep the number of words concise, but there are necessary analogies and examples carefully chosen for you to grasp fundamental concepts in a simpler and better way. It ensures that you are no longer a beginner once you go through them thoroughly.

Simple Language…

They are written in a language almost everyone will understand. The idea is to prepare content keeping in mind the capacity of students living in every nook and corner of this country. The language is well-researched, psychologically analyzed and prepared by experts in such a lucid and simpler way that it stays in mind for long time.

Renowned Authors…

Each NCERT book is prepared by a team comprising of members of repute and eminence in their respective fields of study. Bipin Chandra, Romila Thapar,  R S Sharma and Arjun Dev are some important names you’d be well aware of and there are many more.

Available for FREE Online…

We Indians live for everything free. Go to NCERT official website and select which book you want. All these books are available for free.

Standardized Authoritative Government Reference…

Everything mentioned in NCERTs is considered authoritative, standard and universally true. Any controversy regarding any concept is verified from  NCERT Books.

Last but not the least, almost every aspirant goes through them and you don’t want to be the one missing out on them. It is an essential part of IAS exam preparation.

Before your plan to take your IAS 2020 Prelims, you should COMPLETE all the essential NCERT Books.

Once you are done with them, you can take up those bulky reference books and now things would start making more sense to you.

List of NCERT Books needed for UPSC


As you all know NCERTs are considered as the “Bhagwat Gita” in UPSC Civil Services
Ravindra’s IAS™ presents you very carefully recommended list of NCERTs which are a MUST READ
for every civil service aspirant. For your convenience we have broken the UPSC syllabus into parts
and have arranged the list of NCERTs subject-wise.
We have also attached the free downloadable online link of    NCERT official website.